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One of the most trusted, reliable pest control companies in dhaka, bangladesh since 2015 meets the international standard commercial pest control & fumigation needs in residential, commercial & compliance force for industrial pest issues.

You may have many options but united pest control dhaka is only one pest control company that you can trust because of having almost 100 corporate & industrial clients and having more than 1k residential clients is our reputation.

Strong management team, regulations, incorporation, training, engaging youth, relationship, communications, customer health, & safety priority, inspection, reasonable pricing, scheduling, safety instructions, responsibility, adopting technology, after sales service, odorless, premium quality, encapsulated & public health pesticides, guarantee, commitment, engaging expert applied entomologist, proper inspection, evaluation, expert planning, implementation, origin from entomological domain, recording clients list & status, project action logbook, unmatched technical expertise, innovations, 100% alternatives to toxic pesticides & integrated pest management are our business courtesy!

For effective, durable, reliable and environmentally-friendly solutions for all of your pest issues, including termite, bedbug, cockroach, ant, rat, mite-flea, spider, lizard, mosquito, fly, light attractive insects, snake, centipede & grain pest! Call us for immediate response, inspection.

United pest control dhaka was founded in 2015 with the objective to meet the needs for professional pest control services in bangladesh. Over the years, united has developed pest control technology suitable for this country. Top priority to the service and this is the motto of UNITED PEST CONTROL DHAKA which enjoys a prestigious position among the competitors in Bangladesh. We have implemented advanced technologies to ensure you the most comprehensive and effective pest solutions. We use public health registered, least toxic and most effective pesticide giving specific emphasis on health, safety and protection of your premises.

At UNITED we believe in Prevention is better than Cure, hence we educate, alert and guide our customers in particular and public in general, about various types of Pest related health hazards and outbreak of diseases with their precautionary, preventive and remedial measures through our unique Awareness Programs.

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